• Moss fabric

    After collecting Sphagnum (is a genus of approximately 380 accepted species of mosses, commonly known as peat moss) from the countryside, I separated a sample from a whole piece of peat moss and was impressed by the length of the top green leaf to the bottom of the root. The upper part of the peat moss continues to grow, while the lower part of it is dying gradually. The leaves consist of two kinds of cells; small, green, living cells (chlorophyllose cells), and large, clear, structural, dead cells (hyaline cells). The latter has the large water-holding capacity. What most often seen is the vitality of living cells, but all of those are based on the foundation of death. Death does not mean the end, it is just another form of existence.

    Generally, moss is a combination of constant death and regeneration. "Whether life can be eternal?" has always been a question. Moss looks like an eternal life, repeating death and rebirth, repeatedly, the cycle of life never stopped. A piece of fabric was made to show the relationship between death and life. The fabric shows the side view of moss, which is clear to see how the living part grows together with the dead part and keeps intertwining.